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He smiled ugly and nasty, and the man on duty fell into confusion and disturbance. Charlotte that was a good self-esteem exercise: with an unconventional beauty and therefore not appreciated by all, had never enjoyed. She accepted the Robert suggestions that sometimes flowed almost in the imposition. Did anything to please him, wanting his approval. Sometimes, after the bitterest quarrels, he fantasized assumption to pack up and disappear, just to scare him. But he did not, because he was afraid that he would not have perhaps not even sought.
Charlotte had just twenty-three when two years before she met Robert, who was twelve more. It was her first true love after a series of bad stories, childish and tormented. Now he had found a man who totally surrender, with much more experience than her, which more than compensated his incurable naivety. Sex for her was a trip in which he felt safe only if it was conducted by the hand, if it was protected under the shadow of a safe and solid relationship: the one with Robert and it was, or at least tried to be convinced because she could not live without him.
"Then you say? We go there, to the Plexiglas? "
And so saying, he stepped closer to her, up to brush her ​​ear with his breath, and spoke seductively, interspersing small language taps and bites the lobe, passing an open hand and hot on the abdomen and drawing her to himself. Charlotte broke up and clung to her man's neck. With movements decided he discovered the breast and began to tease her nipples with his teeth, gently. He knew she loved being kissed on her breasts, that it made ​​her now wet and ready. Charlotte opened to accommodate better that Robert was already eager to penetrate, but lingering rubbing hard sex against her crotch. That night slowly took it, sinking into her, staring at her face. She looked at the Robert eyes with increasingly bleary-eyed, the outlines of his person faded as they entered her deeper and deeper. He lifted his legs, ankles and holding them, moved his eyes to enjoy the spectacle of that flesh that welcomed her, watching her sex disappear sucked into the small cave. "Now touched as I taught you," he said, and Charlotte quickly began to titillate the clitoris with a finger, drawing small circles. "Brava my filly, always obedient ..." murmured increasing the pace, assestandole strong blows and fast while she clung with her ​​legs around his hips. When he heard her crying out loud he took out, and grabbed his penis and brought him with venendole fury on his belly. He dipped into his mood and went up along the Charlotte body up to her mouth, ordering them gently lick. She did so, and when he had the free mouth to speak, with wet lips semen he muttered under his breath:
"I love you, Robert ..."

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A bed was considerate and attentive, but never openly expressed his feelings. When he was accused of this, Robert was closed in an impenetrable wall of silence, clenched his jaws twitching face in an icy expression. This frightened every time Charlotte, who immediately returned to be sweet and appealing and did everything to ensure that Robert melt tension and embrace. This was what happened at that time, so Charlotte is mollified and tried to address the issue with more diplomacy. "But you want to go there? because ...? "
" Out of curiosity ... You have heard, no, what Kate said. We must not do anything that we did not go. You go to dance in an exclusive and elegant room. We are not even obliged to climb to the first floor. But if we could just take a look: it seems to me a funny thing! "
That way, it did not seem a bad proposal. Charlotte was already more willing to think about it.
"And there, you know, people watch ... And everyone will see that you are beautiful and sexy, everyone will see that fairy tale is this woman ... And this woman is all mine ... True, small ? "
the rare compliments of Robert always had the power to vibrate the hungry Charlotte and bend it to his will.
a Robert liked that others beware of his woman. It made ​​him feel more powerful. Sometimes he suggested to go around a bit 'more detached, even without underwear. He told her to go sit alone in the square in a crowded bar, sipping a drink and read a book crossing and scavallando legs, preferably at rush hour, during the hours of lunch break. He would not far and enjoyed the spectacle of his girlfriend eaten with the eyes of dozens of men. Smiling to himself, he thought: "Well done love. Foul-raising at all. What then to fuck my part and they'll think I ... "
She was so sure of the love and loyalty of her mind even as not harbor any fear. She had learned not to be denied to the looks and to let themselves look complacent air. After a few minutes, he joined her at the table: Charlotte the warm welcome reserved, kissed him passionately, with the tongue in plain sight, and then, after he had sat down, stroked his legs and made ​​his leg under the table , pulling off the 'elegant shoe, as he sported an almost impassive and felt others gnawing envy against him.
If he imagined them then all the others, to masturbate, thinking about her while he and only he would be satisfied of his woman's body. The same thing did sometimes in stores, teasing the clerks; she did help measure the shoes, to tie the clothes;

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"Are you nervous?" Robert asked Charlotte, placing his hand on my life.
"No, not at all!" She lied, shivering in the dress a bit 'too light for that evening in October.
"And you?" Robert smiled and He shook, kissing her on the nose. They walked behind Kate and Fred, the pair of friends who was with them along the driveway and finally arrived in front of 'input Plexiglas. The venue had been set up in a sumptuous villa that once belonged to the noble disgraced; She had been won at the gaming table by a wealthy businessman in the twenties, and recently inherited from his young son who had become a trendy local and transgressive. Kate and Fred were to offer them that evening. Robert and Fred worked for the same firm; Fred had almost fifty years and a solid career, and had taken him under his wing the promising young Robert. They had also started dating outside the office with their companions: Kate, Fred's wife, her friend, and Charlotte, the young Robert's girlfriend. Despite having more than twenty years of difference, the two women had suffered sympathized. Charlotte Kate admired for its fluency and self-confidence, and was careful and attentive appearance despite his manner of dress was sometimes a bit 'too bold for a body that could not conceal the paw of the time; But the girl liked his exuberance, his outbursts affectionate, her warm hugs and kisses schioccanti.Dopo a couple of dinner out together, it was just the woman to appoint the Plexiglass and propose to go there. Do they already frequented by some time. It was a place that officially was a very chic nightclub, but was composed of various environments; Downstairs there was dancing, drinking, held poolside parties.
Then there was the upper floor and there occurred things to say softly, ear, there were no limits, and anyone could play with their desire to discover and let go completely to passion, no strings attached. "A private room, really! "Exclaimed Robert.
" Call it so, "said Kate, laughing loud and clinging with a wink to her husband that, as well as in the evenings spent together before, looked at Charlotte with captivating and hungrily. At home, the two lovers had been arguing heatedly.
"That bitch has you laid eyes on him!"
"What do you mean? ... Kate then I was sympathetic. And he just wanted to propose something funny. He felt distressed. He feared that Robert was not pleased with her: it was a fear that had always, since they had put together. Him, taciturn and rough, had always treated her well, but not too many niceties.

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things that certainly would not do with all ... the first thing you spoglierei, then I tie the tits with my leather belt, holding well on the peanuts that you feel like nipples then I'll put you face down and away with a series of dummies on his back, up to above the little hole behind and then everything around you like it? now is the time to buckle you and open well: my tongue must prepare the rest. Here I am, the feeling? and 'my tongue you is putting in the little hole, open up good ... now I'll suck some decided to flap that separates it from the pussy and then a nice slinguazzata you opens her pussy up to the clitoris, the next stop sucking: can you hear me? you want me now? be? eh, no ... too soon! first a nice filled spraypan in pussy and a nice brushed with nutella anus ... not be hasty ... I have to take my sweet: after having sucked nutella takes the cream ... but damn does not come out all ... you would not want tenertela inside, huh? widened good that my hand slips and catches it ... damn now I must rest, a beautiful nap ... I have to lie down ... Find me over you, but at 69, so while I spompi me well I'll put that nice vibrator by 6cm at this point is too small ... I know that it takes one too anus ... suck suck ... I come not to swallow but ', but turn around and come let me kiss in the mouth ... you feel it? my cock is back hard ... but my 5cm in diameter not enough for you, right? by then, we make a double with your big dildo! stretched to take it, in the meantime I'll pacifier nipples that now they got rid of my walls ... even the smell of your sweat turns me on, turned now, put yourself on the side is good take me your cock and stick it in the ass, and now 'ready to take it like how you plunger in the ass? it? take it all ... now we put this beautiful dildo pussy ... you like it? you are already coming?

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It is rare to come across a girl over 18years and comely maiden, but I found her. It was small with two pointy tits and with capezzoloni rosy. His round and protruding ass was wrapped tight shorts. Finally it was decided to concedermela we kissed on the bed, and slowly the sfilavo undershirt and shorts them. He stayed with stockings and bra while I sfilavo pants. I began to strusciarmi about her that felt the pressure through the pants. The I took off her bra and I was a bit 'playing with her ​​small tits. I slipped a hand on my ass and dipped under the socks and pants, stroked the little hole of the ass, and she stiffened, then passed to the chip and put your finger inside her sighed and stood with his mouth half open. I slipped the second toe and it was still very close. She also took off her stockings and remained in his underwear ... she said worried me that he did not feel so wet. I put it lying on his back and took off her panties. I was amazed to see that black bush, she blushed and said: - Forgive are not shaved. I dove in the bush and began to lick her blushing more and more as he panted. He proposed a 69 but she refused and said it was ready to be penetrated. I held open the legs and leaned against her, I began to push, was even and almost painful for me to force it in that little hole so tight. He finally slid in fast and she moaned. He leaves them time to adjust and then concluded the report. We went to take a shower together and she looked and said, I still believe that -there are no longer a virgin, my grandfather would have something to say.
And I said - you have 4 aunts, it means that even your grandfather gave you enough ToDo .

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“I think you owe everyone here a piece of that ass of yours, don’t you?” Jim was openly smiling now. He was standing further back then the others who were all leering at my legs. He held his hands up and pantomimed taking a picture, reminding me of the material he was holding over my head.

Defeated, I lowered my head and whispered, “Yes.”

“What? I didn’t hear that.” Jim said.

My head snapped up “Yes.”

“Yes what?” Jim said, “Tell us what you mean.”

“I think you should all fuck me” I was looking down again and whispering.

“You don’t sound very sincere.” Jim replied coldly. “Maybe you should get on your knees and beg for our cocks to convince us you really want them.”

“I think you should all fuck me” I looked up at the four men in the room. Humiliated, defeated, I was hoping to find compassion, but they were all smiling enjoying the show.

“I still don’t believe you.” Jim said. “If you don’t really want to get fucked, why don’t you just leave?”

A reprieve!! I turned and headed for the stairs. “The front door is the other way bitch,” Jim said.

“I’m going to get my clothes,” I answered hotly.

“You’re wearing all the clothes a little slut needs” he replied.

“I can’t leave like this” I was becoming frantic.

He grinned evilly “Well, you aren’t leaving with these.” He held up the clothing I had worn to come over.

I turned to come back into the room, my head hung in shame. I stood in the middle of them all, looking at the floor, seeing my legs in the shimmering black nylon, the high heels on my feet, reminding me of what kind of position I was in.

“I want you all to fuck me.” I whispered.

“No, you little cunt, on your knees, and make us believe it.” Jim snapped.

I dropped slowly to my knees. My skirt spread around me on the floor. Looking up at them. I licked my lips and asked, “Please, would all of you fuck me? I want all of you. I want you all in my mouth and in my ass.”

“Why should we?” Jim asked

I knew what he wanted to hear. He just wanted to humiliate me more. I looked up at him “Because I’m a cock craving little sissy slut” My cheeks burning in shame.

“You’d better prove it then,” Jim said “Why don’t you crawl around liken a little whore and get all these cocks hard?”

I whimpered and got onto my hands and knees. I crawled over to Ben and reached up to unzip his jeans. His cock sprung out, semi erect as I reached up to grasp it. I got up on my knees and opened my mouth. Suddenly he grabbed my wrists and bunched them together in one hand. He held them firmly and grabbed my head with his other hand. He pulled my head forward and guided his cock into my mouth. It was shorter then Stan’s and not as thick as Jim’s. I knew I could take all of it without trouble as he f***ed it past my tongue and just barley hit the back of my throat.

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“Mmmmm , Jim was right you are a tight little slut.” He said. I struggled wildly as he kept sliding it into me. Inch after inch. It was not thick like Jim’s but it felt much longer. Finally I could feel his balls against my thighs. He put his hand around my throat and pulled me up against him. He started to pull out only to slam it back into me again. My body bucked against his as he pumped his long cock deep in and out of my ass. I could feel my cock get hard as I whimpered softly,

“Yeah, that’s it you little cunt,” he muttered in my ear “You think you were just gonna’ tease me all night? You’ve been begging for it all night, and now it’s time.” He pushed me back down over the sink and started fucking me harder and deeper. Every time his cock thrust all the way inside me, I rocked forward on my high heels grinding my hard cock against the counter. I moaned louder and grabbed the sides of the sink.

He pumped furiously and at last grabbed my hips and slammed his cock deep into my ass. I could feel it throbbing as he started shooting his thick cum deep into me. He grunted and thrust shooting again and again into me. I moaned in lust and humiliation as I felt my ass betraying my body and squeezing his cock.

Finally he finished and pulled his cock out of my ass. I felt empty and wanted more but he pulled up his pants, slapped my ass and walked away

“Be good and maybe you’ll get more later.” He said as he walked back out into the living room.

Again I felt tears in my eyes. I knew I was becoming a slave to cock. I knew if he came back later, I would be his again.

A voice called for me to bring out some food. I quickly set up a tray and trying to regain my composure walked back into the living room. The TV was off and all four of them were leering at me openly. I looked back at them and realized that Stan had told them all what had just happened. I shrank back into the kitchen but Jim barked at me to stop.

“Where do you think you’re going?” he asked.

“Just back into the kitchen,” I replied, fear creeping into my voice.

“Not just yet,” he said “Why don’t you tell us all what you just did in the kitchen?”

“What do you mean, I was doing the dishes.”

“Don’t you dare lie to me, slut.” Jim thundered.

Really scared now, I answered “Well, Stan came in and held me down and fucked me.”

“So, you’ll fuck Stan but not the rest of us?” Jim said, “What kind of host would I be if I didn’t let all my friends fuck you?”

“But I didn’t, he made me…” I stammered.

“And you loved it, didn’t you slut?” Jim cut me off.

“No, he made me!!”

“So you think he’s a lousy fuck?” Jim accused, “I warned you about embarrassing me didn’t I?”

I felt the trap snap shut around me “No I loved it,” shame burning my cheeks, “but I didn’t let him, he made me.”

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It had been rearranged since my last visit. The TV was new, and huge!! A couch in an L shape had been set in front of it and to the side of the TV was some kind of plant hanger. There was no plant in it, but it was big enough to support a tree!

Sitting around on the couch was Jim, and three other men. Jim introduced me as “Mary”. Ben was a short man with a jovial face and bald, maybe 50. Stan was pretty much average. Nothing special or notable about him but Charlie was HUGE. 6’5” at least maybe 250 and it looked like it was all muscle. His skin was dark black and his smile showed a row of teeth a dentist would be proud to own. Striking, handsome and intimidating, I felt an immediate liking for him.

I took their drink orders and went in the kitchen to get them. Coming back I made sure to bend a little more then needed when I set Ben’s down to give Charlie a good view of my ass. I twirled and spun showing my legs and I knew they could all see the tops of my stockings.

I tried to be nice and engage the three friends in conversation, and tried to all but ignore Jim, keeping my communication with him as short as possible. As the game ground on, I continued my ploy.

At halftime, the men got up and stretched, using the bathroom and walking around a little. I busied myself emptying ashtrays and clearing empty plates and glasses from the living room. Jim hadn’t told me to, but I assumed that I would be doing the dishes too, so after the living room was clear, I got started.

As I washed the glasses and plates, I didn’t even hear the door open, but suddenly I felt a pair of hands reaching around me to grab my nipples. I gasped and tried to turn, but I was held firmly.

“Hi Sunshine, Jimmy told me what a great fuck you are, how about giving me a little?” It was Stan. He was obviously a little d***k.

“Wait, you don’t understand…” I started but Stan’s hand had already moved down my body and was squeezing my ass through my dress. I struggled to push him away but as “average” as I had thought him to be, he was too strong for me. His hand moved from my nipples to the back of my neck, pushing me forward, bending me over the sink. I tried to break free but his grip was like iron and held me firm.

“Oh I understand Slut,” he spat out at me, “Jim told us all about what you are. A little sissy slut who craves cock.” He pulled my panties aside and I could feel his hard cock pushing against my ass.

“No please don’t…” I begged but he let go of my hips to guide his cock. His hand held my neck firmly pinned. At last he lined up his cock with my ass and began to push. He had spit on his cock, but it was nowhere near enough lubrication. Still he kept pushing. I could feel it start to slide in when at last; with an almost audible “pop” the head of his cock f***ed its way into my ass.

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“Hey, Jim, c’mon, the game’s about to start.” A voice shouted from in the living room. My face reddened. We weren’t alone?

“Jim what’s going on? You didn’t say anything about anyone else being here.” I looked into his eyes; they sparkled like he had a great secret.

“You just do as your told and everything will work itself out,” he replied, leaning closer to me, he grabbed my ass and pulled me close to him, his mouth by my ear ”Understand, slut?”

I could feel my cock start to get hard as I whimpered a “yes” back to him and slowly went up the stairs.

In Jim’s room I found the clothes he had laid out for me. I got undressed and put them on. Piece by piece I dressed. A black bra and garter belt with black stockings. Black panties, covered by what looked like a maid’s outfit. Black high heels and a red wig. I turned and looked at myself in the mirror. My first thought was “Damn she’s hot!” before I realized that she was me. I certainly did look good, Jim had left some makeup and I applied it as best I could. Some color on my eyes and cheeks, and bright red lipstick. I looked again and couldn’t see me anymore. All I saw was a whore. Tears welled up in my eyes, as my cock throbbed mercilessly.

I looked for the list Jim had said I’d find. It read:

Serve drinks and food as needed. (Everything is in the kitchen.) Empty ashtrays. Be respectful, and polite. Keep in mind, whore that you are my property, and as such you WILL do whatever you’re told. Embarrass me in front of my friends (FRIENDS??? Plural? How many people were down there, I cringed) and I’ll make you sorry you did.

I went downstairs, tears squeezing from my eyes and snuck into the kitchen. Jim was waiting and he looked me over.

“Very nice” he said “You’ll get better with the makeup in time. Now turn around and bend over, I want to see that pretty ass.”

A fresh batch of shame coursed through me as I did as I was told. His hand grabbed my ass and squeezed it firmly; his finger slid inside my panties and teased my hole. I moaned softly and pushed back against his finger. He pulled away quickly and slapped my ass.

“Not yet, slut, not yet.” He laughed at me. Slapping me again he turned to go into the living room, “Get to work, bitch.” He said over his shoulder as the door swung shut behind him.

The shame combined with his rejection, was turning to anger now. Hadn’t I done everything he wanted? What the fuck was his problem. He wanted me to be a whore for him and here I was and now he didn’t even want me? I’d show him. I figured I’d spend the evening flirting with his friends and teach him a lesson. I quickly familiarized my self with the kitchen and went out into the living room.

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The week went by slowly as I digested what Jim had done to me last Saturday. As I walked around school, I found myself looking at people differently, wondering if any of them had ever been treated the way I had. This would always bring the details of what Jim had done to my mind and my cock would immediately start to respond. I had started making sure I always had a book or a coat to hold in front of my crotch, and walked around in almost perpetual shame.

The showers after gym were the worst. I would stand there, the hot water running over my body with 20-30 guys I had seen naked for the last year or so, but now it was different. I started noticing their cocks, wondering what it would be like to suck them, feel them fucking me. Usually at this point, I would need to turn the water icy cold and endure it to calm myself down.

Even teachers were catching my eye. I caught myself staring at my coach a few times. He was probably in his late 40’s and muscular. Powerful legs and arms, rugged handsome face. At nights I would lay in bed thinking of him holding me down the way Jim had and making me his little bitch too,

Saturday morning finally came and I spent the day anxious and restless about seeing Jim again. Did I dare to show up? I mean normal guys my age didn’t do this sort of thing. What was wrong with me? At dinner, I told my parents that Jim had invited me over to watch the game and would that be all right with them. I explained that Jim had said it would be OK if I just slept there when the game was over. My father looked at my mother and Mom sweetly said how nice that was of him and of course I could go over.

Couldn’t they see? I felt the shame welling up inside me. Couldn’t they tell their son was being used as an older man’s fuck-toy? Didn’t they care? As these thoughts went through my head, the things Jim had done to me started to pop up as well. Images of his cock forcing it’s way down my throat. I imagined how I must have looked with my ass up in the air as he grabbed my hips and pumped his dick inside my ass. True to form, my cock started to rise and I knew there was no way out. I regretted not being able to get out of this situation, but my body wanted it to happen again and again.

After dinner, I goofed of in my room for a while, not wanting contact with anyone. Finally as the clock read 8:55, I knew it was time. I said good night to my folks and walked out the door over to Jim’s house.

I knocked on the door and Jim answered promptly.

“Ahh, good, you’re here,” he said, “I knew you wouldn’t be late.”

He let me in and I started towards the living room.

“No, you need to go upstairs to my room an change into the clothes I’ve laid out for you.” He grinned at me, openly leering at me. “There’s a list on the bed of the duties you will be performing tonight.”